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Bartlett Cocke Industrial possesses extensive experience working with industrial clients and major blast risk assessment firms to implement structural modifications on existing facilities to meet blast resistant requirements. Our commitment to safety and minimizing the impact on operational facilities is absolute. Our experienced teams will perform the structural and door modifications necessary to harden the existing structure, successfully meet the established blast resistant requirements, and employ all available resources to help safeguard your employees.

Blast Resistant Doors. Bartlett Cocke Industrial provides full-scope services in regards to blast door installation and maintenance. This includes new installation, preventative maintenance and repairs (quarterly and/or semi-annually), and assessment of current conditions with free observation report. We are adept at working in operational plants and providing temporary secure conditions to minimize the impact and inconvenience to plant personnel and operations.

Blast Resistant Buildings. Bartlett Cocke Industrial is focused on delivering industry-leading blast resistant buildings. We construct high strength Control Buildings and Laboratory Buildings that are capable of providing years of service while offering the highest standard of safety for onsite personnel. Our experience includes facilities that range in blast resistance from 1 psi to 10 psi.

Building Hardening. We are highly skilled at hardening existing structures such as administration/office and shop/maintenance buildings that are situated on petrochemical sites. We have employed various techniques to fortify these structures such as utilizing 6” tube steel on 2’ centers affixed to exterior masonry walls, as well as constructing a temporary modular wall enclosure to protect workers while reinforcing exterior walls. Our focus is always on safety and maintaining normal operations.

Our Expertise. Bartlett Cocke Industrial has acquired the necessary certifications and experience to assess, install, and provide maintenance to industry leading suppliers of blast resistant products. We have also teamed with the top consultants in blast risk assessment to provide facilities that will protect your most valuable resource – your people.

Industry partners and suppliers that we have teamed with includes:

  • Overly Door Certified Installers

  • Protective Door Industries (PDI) Certified Installers

  • Deansteel Manufacturing Company


  • Baker Risk

  • ABS Consulting

  • BEI Engineers