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Creative Vision.  Superior Execution.

When properly executed, Design-Build – a delivery method under which the owner contracts with one entity to both design and build their project – results in an alliance between the designer and builder that fosters collaboration and teamwork. This can provide numerous benefits to you, including:

Singular Responsibility. A single point of contact means you can focus on the project rather than managing multiple contracts and entities. And because we’re all in this together, everyone works in a collaborative environment to find solutions to challenges that arise.

Faster Delivery. Total delivery time is reduced because construction commences before design is finished. Also bidding periods and redesign are eliminated. Resulting time savings means lower costs and earlier occupancy in your new facility.

Cost Savings. An integrated design and construction team works more effectively and is focused on efficiency and innovation.

Total Accountability. One entity is responsible for cost, schedule, quality and performance.

Improved Risk Management. Change orders are virtually eliminated because the design-build entity assumes the responsibility for developing drawings and specifications, as well as constructing a fully-functioning facility.